Advertising conditions

Oohlala.be (hereinafter: the « website ») is an initiative of:

New Consult Solution SRL (hereinafter « Oohlala », « we » and « us »)
Avenue de la Liberté, 22 - 1081 Brussels
VAT : BE 0741.808.884
E-Mail : info@oohlala.be
Phone : +32 473 58 19 06

1. Subject

Oohlala offers, as a supporting web platform, an advertising space for advertisers on the website www.oohlala.be, in order to place advertisements, to the extent that they are limited to the costs set out in point « Costs », for acte de présences, companionship and affection.

2. Rights and obligations of Oohlala

Oohlala will take all reasonable measures to ensure the proper functioning and availability of the platform. The platform is offered « with all defects » and « if available ». Oohlala cannot give any absolute guarantees about this.

3. Rights and obligations of the advertiser

The advertiser must pay the full cost before the ad can be placed on the platform, depending on the desired advertising period, as set out in point « Costs ».

The advertiser declares to be of age, to provide truthful information and to have the necessary rights to the material uploaded, and to indemnify Oohlala against any claim that a third party might make in this respect.

The advertiser shall refrain from any use of the platform which may be unlawful or harmful to Oohlala or other users of the platform.

4. Costs

Oohlala charges the following costs per ad:

Period Elite Massage New *
7 days 85 € 70 € 3 days
15 days 140 € 120 € 5 days
1 month 240 € 200 € 7 days
3 months 670 € 540 €

* Period during which the « NEW » banner is displayed when an advertisement is new or has not been published for at least 30 days.

5. Liability

To the extent permitted, Oohlala cannot be held liable for indirect or consequential damages. Unless excluded by mandatory law, Oohlala shall only be liable for damage caused by failure to comply with its obligations, if and insofar as such damage is caused by deliberate and serious fault. Oohlala shall not be liable for any other errors. The full content of the advertisement on the platform shall be provided by the advertiser. Oohlala cannot be held liable for the content of the advertising space, but must treat all visual material with discretion.

Should Oohlala nevertheless be held liable, the amount of the compensation shall be limited to the total amount paid by the advertiser prior to the launch of the profile.

6. Intellectual property

The content of the platform is owned by Oohlala. This includes texts, graphics, photos, images, moving images, sounds, illustrations and software. The content is protected by copyright or other rights.

The advertiser transfers its copyrights to the texts and its portrait rights to the images to Oohlala. At the end of the advertising period, the rights remain with Oohlala.

It is prohibited to take over, publish, reproduce, or use the content of the platform in any other way without written permission from Oohlala.

7. Duration

The Advertising Conditions apply for the entire advertising period chosen by the advertiser when placing an ad.

8. General provisions

Oohlala reserves the freedom to change, extend, transfer, limit or discontinue the platform and the services offered thereon at any time. Should this happen, Oohlala will notify you.

These Advertising Conditions, including the Privacy Policy, shall be exclusively governed and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes arising out of this agreement shall be settled by or submitted to the court in which our registered office is located, unless otherwise provided by mandatory law.

In case you still have questions or comments about cookies after reading our Advertising Conditions, you can always contact us via info@oohlala.be.